MARCH 2023

Amin Worldwide Highlights the Opportunities AI Holds for the Creative Industry

AMIN Worldwide, a leading network of independently owned agencies, is optimistic about the opportunities that Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents for the creative industry. A recent survey conducted amongst the networks’ member agencies across its Americas, EMEA and APAC region has revealed the positive sentiment agency leaders feel toward this emerging technology.

Overall, agency owners and directors have identified the incredible promise AI offers when it comes to optimizing marketing campaigns, due to its ability to analyze large amounts of data and provide valuable insights.

Among the significant advantages experienced is digital and system integration. “We’ve used AI when testing new systems or integrations to generate test data. We can specify certain countries and specific fields we’d like to include. Especially for things like double byte characters, it’s a quick way to fill UAT requirements.” says Misty Dykema, Principal at Simantel.

However, AI has the potential to do much more than just analyze data. “With the advancements in technology, AI has become a game-changer for the marketing and advertising industry, offering new ways to approach creative problem-solving and innovation.” says Robert Heldt, CEO at Custom Media. 

Troy Alfke, Strategy Director at Hoffman York echoes this: “Creativity is an inspiration-driven process and often comes from having things and partners to bounce around and collaborate with. People often become more creative through prompts and reactions to various stimuli. AI offers a world of stimuli and potential springboards to creativity. Future creative teams could include a writer, art director and AI. I think it only helps us rather than replaces us.”

From a time-saving perspective, agencies are recognise the potential in AI to speed up their processes.  “By using AI as a starting point, we can gather information and insights faster during our strategic phases”, says Hans van Eemeren, Partner at iO.  “However, all data always gets verified and checked to ensure quality and validity”. 

Agencies are also starting to use AI to deliver innovative and creative solutions to clients. “By combining our expertise in marketing and advertising with the power of AI, we are able to create campaigns that are both effective and engaging”, says Jon Gregory, Director of Account Services at Planit.  “We are using AI to assist with research, presentations, idea generation, storytelling, and we are not scared to share with clients that we have tapped things like Chat GPT to help us solve these problems. In some ways, showing clients that we are embracing the technology addresses the elephant in the room of whether or not AI can replace their agency partners.”

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